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Grand Master Jae H. Kim

Master Kim
Master Kim began his intense study of Taekwondo in 1962 at the age of 13. He went on to join the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army in 1968 and from 1971-1972 Master Kim was a member of the ROK Army Demonstration Team. While stationed in Vietnam during ’71′ and ’72 Master Kim was given charge with training United States, Korean, and Vietnamese soldiers in hand to hand combat as well as instructing them in Taekwondo. Following the Vietnam conflict, Master Kim went on to train several junior Olymians.
Master Kim moved to the US in the 1977, began instructing US Army soldiers at Fort Huachuca in in 1982 as well as opened his first dojang in Sierra Vista. In 1992 Master Kim moved his dojang to 6450 N. Oracle Rd in Tucson, Arizona. In 2012 he relocated the dojang to it’s current location at 3936 W. Ina Road and to date has trained thousands of students with hundreds to thousands becoming black belts.

Master Arlen Degoes

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Patrick Chandler


3rd Dan Taekwondo
1st Dan Hapkido

Mr. Chandler began Taekwondo instruction in 2003 at Jae Kim’s Martial arts. He began teaching Taekwondo classes and studying Hapkido in 2007. He is currently teaching Taekwondo and Hapkido while studying Physiology at the Universty of Arizona.

Michael Orlandella

1st Dan

Tracy Avey

1st Dan

Rebecca Baltos

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    3rd Dan Taekwondo

Jim Reynaert

3rd Dan Taekwondo