Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is Korean for “Foot (Tae) – Hand (Kwon) – Way (Do)”, loosely translated into English as “The Art of Kicking and Punching” and is an excellent way to stay fit and flexible.  Taekwondo is great way to get into shape through good cardio vascular workouts, as well as to build discipline for both your mind and body.

Proven Benefits

Taekwondo, a martial art that has scientifically proven benefits

  • improves balance in people over 40
  • improves balance in even low-level training
  • can give as good a cardiovascular workout as interval running
  • a mere 20 minutes of TaeKwondo training burns 300-300 calories
  • 30 minutes of Taekwondo practice 3 days a week helps weight control
  • low frequency Taekwondo training in adolescent females produces beneficial changes in skeletal muscle fitness, flexibility, and body composition in a relatively short period of time (2011 Korean Study).

Bored of the same old repetitive gym routine?

Taekwondo can give you many of the same health benefits – without the boredom.

Significantly improve your mood profile

After a single 75-minute Taekwondo session, college students were found to have a statistically significantly improvement in their mood profile, including scores on Tension Depression, Anger, Fatigue, Confusion, and Vigor. (2001 Study at Emory University).

Taekwondo the Fun Solution to many problems.

  • You keep telling yourself you need exercise, but you can’t face that hour at the gym. It’s always the same routine.
  • My little one has so much energy, how do I focus it on a way that helps both their mind and and body?
  • My teen needs discipline and focus, but I can’t get him to do anything that isn’t fun.
  • My child is playing too many video games and not getting any physical activity.

If you are asking yourself these same questions, or looking for a beneficial answer to many of the problems that as parents we face on a daily basis, then Taekwondo my be the answer. Not only is a beneficial, healthy and physical exercise, it provides discipline and focus making for a stronger mind and body.

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